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Iprotect penn fra Italia

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Mange farger på toppen, men skriver i vanlig blå farge.
Pennene kan kjøpes i flere og med logo om ønskelig. Vi kan gi tilbud på dette. Ta kontakt på: post@vaktrommet.no Stilolinea - firmaet i Italia skriver om pennene: Made in Italy. Produced and design in EU The commitment of Stilolinea and its continuous Research & Development, on which we have always invested, led, about ten years ago, to the creation of an innovative and dedicated product, at first, to healthcare marketing. iPROTECT©, 100% Made in Italy antibacterial pen, is a special writing instrument with unique antibacterial properties, which guarantees that this item is a permanent self-cleaning object, assuring protection for those who use it and being harmless to any contact (compared to other substances, such as silver ions, which are potentially harmful). iPROTECT© prevents bacteria from spreading from hand to hand thanks to an antibacterial additive, ZINC IONS, added to the plastic during the production process: the iProtect© antibacterial pen is therefore a valuable tool for marketing and communication for all those companies that want a level of higher protection and safety. iPROTECT© was born, at first, for healthcare companies and the health sector but, soon, and even more so in recent years, customers purchasing awareness has grown. The result has been an increasingly stronger search for safe, reliable and sustainable products that have become the drivers also in the choice of promotional objects. For this reason Stilolinea antibacterial pen has become a widely selected product also for use in banks, schools, supermarkets , wherever a pen passes through many hands. iPROTECT©, THE UNIQUE ANTIBACTERIAL PEN WITH ZINC IONS: is made in ABS plastic with an antibacterial NATURAL additive with ZINC IONS that guarantees 99% protection against bacteria; is made with an additive patented by an important Italian University; has achieved the very demanding Standards required by the ISO 22196; has an antibacterial action certified by an advanced microbiology laboratory; guarantees a permanent efficacy (24h/7d); its efficacy lasts as long as the pen itself; ZINC IONS are not a BIOCID substance unlike SILVER IONS, which many scientific studies have shown to be harmful to human health and the environment.
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