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Tyske Boch+Sohn Boscope Kardio stetoskop

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Bosch+Sohn Tysk kardio stetoskop


Tyske Bosch+Sohn skriver selv: The cardiologic double-head stethoscope for a perfect auscultation in cardiology as well as pneumology. The very smooth fit of the ear tips together with the individually adjustable headset ensures perfect comfort – disturbing ambient noises are reduced. All features at a glance Cardiology double-head stethoscope for perfect auscultation Very good acoustics Individual adjustment of the earhook Available in black or pink Ear piece in different degrees of hardness for a perfect fit Double-headed chest piece in stainless steel processing Patient friendly cold protection ring for membrane and funnel Membrane Ø 4,4 cm, funnel Ø 3,2 cm, spare membrane Latex and nickel free 3 year quality guarantee

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