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Helsearbeider belte -organisator med Id holder

299 kr
239 kr eks. mva

Helsearbeider belte taske fra Spania. Id holder følger ellers tom for utstyr.


Uten utstyr men med ID holder ellers skriver selskapet om produktet: Our most expected belt bag organizer has arrived! We introduce you our multifunction, elegant and summery belt bag. It has two pockets with zipper and two without zipper and a panel with elastc bands and little pockets in where you can keep all your personal things. As well, it has a plastic pocket in the frontal panel so all the space is well used. It has the perfect measures so it can adapt perfectly to your body and your uniform (20cm x 14cm), and with a belt that it also adapts totally to your body because it has an adjustable system. It is empty, but has an id holder within

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