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Nightingale's bærenett i 100 prosent bomull

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100% bomull , in fiolett farger - tekst og bildet
Tote bag Nightingale's Aniversary This bag combines the casual styling of a tote bag and the funcionality of a medical bag at once. Designed for the everyday life, its great capacity will help the user to carry all the required equipment to be used in home visits. Mesures 37x40x14 Nurse, social reformer and stateswoman. She was the founder of modern Nursing. In 1883 Queen Victoria granted her the Royal Red Cross and she was the first woman to enter the Order of Merit of hands of King Edward VII in 1907. She played a promising role in the settlement of nursing Schools and their contribution to the improvement of care was decisive in the Crimean War. Florence even improved sanitary situation in England outside of the hospital environment. It was much more than the Lamp Lady.
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