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Sort hygiene maske med bomulls etui / vaskebag

kr 199,00
kr 159,20 eks. mva

Black adult bactericid treated mask with 100 prosent laundry cotton bag.

Produsert i EU.


Reusable hygienic mask with bactericid treatment of silver ions. Facial easily adjusted systemcomplete: mouth, nose and chin with ribbon regulable in length. Double layer:A Customized with Amphibian Skin Effect + Silver Ion Treatment and a Bacterial filtration Efficient Body(BFE) 95.57%.According to test report2020TM0680of Aitex according to values CWA17553:2020 Designed and manufactured in Spainin compliance with the specificationsUNE 0065:2020 - CWA 17553:2020 andcomplying with the approval rules. Bacterial filtration masks, washable at 60o and reusable following the guidelines of the European SpecificationCWA 17553:2020 10 washings level 90%according to report2020TM2481, following European values CWA 17553:2020 50 washed level 70%according to report20-005246, following European values CWA 17553:2020 Delivery in individual packincluding his ownBAG DE LAUNDRY HÍGIÉNICA, an organic tissue bag, to safely store, isolate and wash the mask. The product is delivered pre-washed and packaged under hygienic and protective conditions.

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